I know Daniel as a caring and comforting partner. There have been so many times he has gone out of his way for me and done things that he did not want to do, but did them simply because I asked. After a full day of attending classes, reading hundreds of pages of a textbook and cooking dinner (despite the fact he was utterly exhausted), he would stay up and tickle my back in bed until I fell asleep. All I had to do was ask. I knew it was probably the last thing he felt like doing, but he always put me first.

He is always there for me when I need him. As silly as it sounds, because I am terrified of insects, Daniel has become my personal bug catcher. Whenever he hears my shriek, he will come running in to help me out. Most of the time he just brings them out into the hallway and let them live elsewhere. He literally wouldn’t even hurt a spider.

Daniel is also a wonderful cook and has always gone out of his way to please people through his meals, myself included. I can’t even count how many meals he has made for me, it’s got to be in the hundreds. He is always thinking of other people, always looking out for things someone else may want. It used to drive me crazy when he came home with another odd thing – most recently a 3-hole puncher – that he came across on his way home. He had so many stacks of things set aside for different friends and family members that used to fill up our apartment that I used to give him a hard time about taking up so much space. Now I feel bad about being so critical about such a thoughtful thing and not realizing how much giving these things to people makes him feel good.

He is true to himself, never superficial, and he stands up for what he believes. He is a very public organizer and social justice activist and is always willing to help out humankind. His beliefs are what make him who he is, and I love him for that.

Daniel is the most caring, compassionate, selfless, generous and thoughtful person I have ever met.

Thank you to everyone who has been here to support Daniel, Daniel’s family, and me.

Jenny Synan
Daniel’s wife
New York, NY